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The BoxWall team delivers great results - 50 dB on our Flex48 wall

On July 3rd 2024 we had a full day of sound testing at the SINTEF Community's lab in Oslo. The primary objective for the testing was to verify the sound properties of our Flex48 product, and we exceeded the expectations.

We have now documented sound properties of 50 dB, which is sufficient to comply with the strictest standards - "rooms for confidential conversations".

In addition we were able to get some more data on the assembly and disassembly times, and as you will see from the video below it goes really fast. We are aiming for a standard assembly time of 3 minutes per sqm, and 2 minutes for disassambly. A wall like you see below shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to install, including the bottom sill.

With an installation time that way outperforms the current solutions in the market, we will be providing flexibility that the industry hasn't seen before

Lift - click - finished, super easy installation!

This is the result of an acoustics project we have completed in cooperation with Sintef Community, partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Thanks a lot for believing in us!

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