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BoxWall Flex selected on flagship sustainability project in Norway

Veidekke's sustainabiliy leader Camilla N. Harsjøen in discussion with BoxWall on the Cissi Klein building site in Trondheim.

Veidekke, Norway's largest construction firm has a passion for sustainability, and are currently building Cissi Klein High School in Trondheim, a flagship sustainability project.

Veidekke and BoxWall has signed a contract for the delivery of BoxWall Flex walls on the top two floors on this project. Both Veidekke and the project owner, Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, had high flexibility and sustainability ambitions for the internal walls on this project. After a global search for possible suppliers Veidekke concluded that there were no solutions available that complied with their strict requirements.

Hence, Veidekke started a dialogue with BoxWall, and BoxWall has now developed a solution that complies with all of their requirements. BoxWall will be the only supplier in the world that are capable of delivering high quality wall solution that is easy to install, truly reusable, and that complies with a sound requirement of 48 dB. Camilla N. Harsjøen in Veidekke says "The BoxWall Flex development process has been remarkable - we are impressed!"

BoxWall is very grateful that innovative construction firms like Veidekke are pushing the sustainability limits and are willing to work with startup firms like BoxWall, to develop the solutions of the future.

There are multiple benefits of using BoxWall Flex in environments that require flexibility. Firstly, the speed - the installation and refit times can be lowered by 90%. Further, over the lifetime of a building the refit-costs can be reduced by 60%, and the CO2 emissions can be reduced by 80%.

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